Reply To: Shared ownership ?


jwc – that is the first glimmer of hope. a sensible reply. thank you.
in these days of instant communications and all kinds of tools to arrange dates of occupation on the internet, it would be a fairly simple matter to make suitable timetables and allow some flexibility for sharing a property.
Clearly your arrangement is perfect because perhaps you only have one other ‘partner’ to share your property and it is kept within family.
I can imagine that each owner could have their own ‘store’ of personal clothes or other items that they can leave without encroaching on others space.

Fuengi – yes there are pitfalls in any shared ownership. I am thinking also of marriages or partnerships that fall apart. But presume that within the Contract of Sharing there will be rules and requirements. For example offering the share to the others at a fair market price. Lawyers can be useful but only when it comes to deciding on final wordings and forming an agreement.