Reply To: Shared ownership ?


shakeel – i think you missed the point of my post. 😕 I would love to own a property outright if I had the money which was large enough to be able to have a number of people staying at one time, but which was truly affordable. hence the question about SHARED OWNERSHIP. I really don’t think staying in a hotel will provide an Investment for me or indeed a comfortable holiday residence. Anyway I have explained already that I want to Invest money in bricks and mortar. And I am very busy (not lazy) at other times when I am not enjoying sunshine in sunny Spain.

mike – i agree about the timing. Of course to purchase property anywhere needs good judgement about value, but methinks even today there are people who may wish to sell at a reduced value ? And of course the mathematics you quote concerning a return on the investment is quite valid but I would not consider myself to be a ‘buy to let’ type investor looking at the returns. More of an investor who wants to use a holiday villa but who can only afford to buy a small apartment, hence the question about SHARED OWNERSHIP . What I am saying is that people who do not need a mortgage to purchase and who do not have quite enough cash to be able to afford their ideal holiday home may find SHARED OWNERSHIP workable.
I just wonder if anyone has actually achieved this SHARED OWNERSHIP in Spain ? (And I don’t mean time shares either)