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Goodstich – Your 6000 euros arrived safely, thank you very much – it’s on its way now to my Swiss bank account where it will be ‘safe as houses’. And don’t worry, it’s not the UBS – I keep abreast of all the news re. dodgy banks ‘cos I read the Daily Mail. I would issue you a receipt but my pen’s run out of ink – hope to buy a new one next month.

Don’t worry about a thing, we know wheels turn slowly in Spain and I have total faith in Kingy. He just seems so nice, I feel like he is my best amigo already. I feel so sorry for his secretary though, she must be having some dreadfully sad personal problems.

I would like to ask Kingy about the possibility of a Bank Guarantee but don’t want to offend him. Do you think he’ll be upset if I ask? I don’t want him to think we’re questioning his honesty or anything like that (you know how we British are), and we are probably such small-fry for such a big businessman. Certainly don’t want to bog him down unnecessarily with such small matters.
There is something in the brochure that mentions “Prince Bongawongboo’s Bank of Nigeria” – maybe that’s the bank that issues them?

The syndicate is growing and I’m now offering one of Dimitra’s mousakas free with every purchase – I knew I would be good at this marketing malarky. Would send you one but have run out of tin foil containers. Will buy some more next month.

In the words of Abba…..’Money, money, money’ – just click on and sing out loud – our dreams will come true soon, I’m sure of it.
P.S. It’s a good job I’m honest, I have enough deposits already to buy the Merc outright, but of course I won’t. I always put the interests of my investors first.