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Goodstich – too damn right I need the CLK350 – some wretched bird did a poo on my landcruiser and it wont come off.

So – Head Office in Nigeria no less, how impressive is THAT! Didn’t know he had gone ‘international’, must tell the neighbours.

I’ve told Kingy not to worry about translating the Spanish contracts for us as it’s obvious we can trust him, what with being international and all that. However if there are any queries, a Greek goat farmer down the road says he knows a bit of Spanish. Apparently he has the complete collection of Julio Iglesias records and knows all the words by heart. Pretty impressive, eh!

This guy is also the local lawyer for our village so he will be keeping an eye on things for us. It’s unfortunate he doesn’t know how to read but his wife Dimitria does so that’s alright. She’s a smashing sort and makes a marvelous mousaka so rest assured we’re in good hands. I thought this would just give us that little bit of reassurance in case of any illegal clauses. If there are any, am sure Yannis will find them – he certainly knows how to find his goats when they go walkabout! Ha, just my little joke goodstich – I’m in such a good mood thinking of all the money we’re going to make.

Haven’t heard back from Kingy yet. He’s not answering my e-mails and I’ve tried telephoning his office dozens of times but his secretary always says he’s either out or in a meeting. Still, she’s promised to give him the message that I’ve telephoned so I know he’ll be calling me back soon. I wanted a copy of the contract but apparently they have a problem with their fax machine at the moment. They hope to get it fixed next month.