Reply To: buying in Marbella Region advice needed


@Fuengi wrote:

but thats just it. when people (whether agent or vendor) pull figures out of thin air and then drop the price by 28% after X amount of time, does it means REAL prices are dropping?
This person might of bought 4 years ago for 300.000€ and might in the end sell for 450.000€. So either its dropped 65% or he/she has sold for 50% more than he/she bought it.

Normally when the media quote figures its based on information supplied by the notary. I know undeclared monies, etc… but these are the only facts available.

We’ve got a property on sale for 349.000€ (not marbella). A year and half ago it was on the books for 415.000€. We had an offer of 280.000€ 2 days ago. The owner bought in 2002 for 134.000€.
Huge drop or nice profit?

Most sensible post I have seen on here. At the end of the day there has got to be winners and losers otherwise life would be too easy, and a loss on expectations is not a loss.