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Fuengi (Andrew)

@jenniferrs12 wrote:

Is there anywhere that’s totally safe to buy in, with all licences in place and planning permits given by the correct authorities? A rhetorical question as I can see it’s an absolute minefield. Or maybe it should be!

choose a costa and try it out for a few months (renting that is)
A majority of ‘new builds’ are safe and all licences are in place. If you do want to go for something new and it has not got the title deeds yet, ask for a copy of hte DIA. Then check it out with a lawyer of your choosing. It it is finished you are entitle to see the title deads or a ‘nota simple’ which again your lawyer can confirm the legality.

Also if you are looking at retiring out here, take into account local facilities. It all very nice a good to buy outside of the towns but take into account you’ll have to drive most places, which you or you partner might not find convenient in a few years.