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Hi, my first time on here although I’ve been reading with interest the posts concerning buying in Spain. We sold our house in UK with a view to buying a property for our retirement, preferably on the costas. However everything I’ve read in this and other forums has made us too nervous to even consider it at the moment and so we are renting in the UK, not ideal but I feel it’s the best option for us, for now anyway.
Is there anywhere that’s totally safe to buy in, with all licences in place and planning permits given by the correct authorities? A rhetorical question as I can see it’s an absolute minefield. Or maybe it should be!

You seem to be in an ideal position having sold your house in the UK prior to the housing slump there.
In my opinion it would be best for you to move to Spain ASAP as it is still much less expensive than the UK especially in the winter. HOWEVER RENT in Spain don’t consider buying until your sure you like the area and property prices come down, could be anything up to 5 years.
Many people will envy your position. Have a happy retirement