Reply To: Some good news at last from AIPP

Fuengi (Andrew)

@Claire wrote:

She was Spanish, that’s why she got her money. They clearly don’t s*** on their own folk.

could be.
there is also the fact that most brits i’ve met who have worked in real estate down here are in the unenviable position of
not speaking the language
not being set up as autonomo
don’t know their rights

whereas as the spanish + other nationalities seem to be reverse. Gross generalization i know but seems to apply to most that i’ve met.

The only brit i know who got his money had all his paperwork in order and pretty much camped in their office till he got his money. Had it all by the end of the working day.

I also remember a few years back a few agents/staff protesting outside a very popular agency (sarcasm), who were dispersed by the manager of the office threatening to call the police. They did’nt know that the right to protest meant that no-one could touch them, as long as they did not block the entrances nor threatened anyone.