Reply To: buying in Marbella Region advice needed



I second that -good advice from 135.
I hope you consider renting, and if you do, bear in mind that there are a lot of people struggling to pay their mortgage and desperate for rental income. With that in mind, ignore the silly rental prices and bargain hard. When I lived in Sotogrande, some of my neighbors were paying E2500/month rent. I paid E1000 for the same property a few doors away -the difference was that my landlord saw that it was better to get the E1000 per month that have his property empty like the majority.
Also bear in mind that most landlords will not give you back the deposit so stop paying rent a few months before you leave.
I do not particularly enjoy renting, but I would estimate that I have saved my self a couple hundred thousand euros by doing so, and am now not stuck with a property that would be almost impossible to sell.
Trust nobody, especially not the English speakers, never take anyone’s word at face value and expect everything financial to be very different from the UK.
I wish you the best of luck.