Reply To: The end of the spanish miracle


@APotter wrote:

It always amuses me when developers talk about golf projects attracting golfers who will rent apartments for big bucks. Anyone who has spent time in the autumn in Puerto Banus will tell you – the last place a golfer will be on an evening is on some Polarist hell hole in the middle of nowhere!


Strange, we’ve had 3 re bookings this year, some golfers, some none golfers. Theres was a big article in the local paper about Polaris, it was very very positive, practically raving about the place (Mar Menor, La Torre and El Valle), and it wasn’t sponsored. The services on La Torre are improving every minute.

I don’t think you’ll ever be talking big bucks and there is too much going up, but except on here, people who go, appear to like it, and many are re booking.