Reply To: How safe are Spanish Banks



@forestfire wrote:

This brings up a very important topic because everyone should be cautious who they park their money with.
Hopefully someone will be able to tell us exactly who is insured and for how much. & on a practical note -how many months or years would it take to get the money back?
I find the Spanish banks to be a highly suspect bunch because they expect us to believe that they didn’t get caught up in the US sub prime mess. The fact that Santander is able to purchase A&L could almost be taken as proof that they are not being properly regulated -who else is going on a spending spree right now?

It would be a very good service for the government to provide. Unfortunately it may expose the marketing ploy of conduits, high street brands being used as trustworthy lenders, in other words expose how the fruad was implemented ( I an getting cynical)