Reply To: Water and Electricity Supplies


Our developer (small) tried to do this to us. However, when asked why the fee was being charged one year after we had moved in, he said that the “fee” he was going to charge would not get us a contract for electricity, but was for the wiring from the meter to the entrance to our property.

It was then that the penny dropped and we found that our “development” had been built on the wrong type of land (although catastral record shows different!), built without permissions and so there was never any chance of us getting a contract with the electricity company as there was no LFO or habitation cert of any sort. Plus our “builders supply” was illegal too!

It was the developer just being greedy!

We didn’t pay and in a fit of pique, he shinned up our electricity pole and pulled the wire out! Nice fella!

Luckily we were coming back to the UK the next day, but even so it just summed up Spain for us.