Reply To: The end of the spanish miracle


I totally agree with goodstitch.
it is the total disregard for right and wrong that has mostly caused this
meltdown in the first place.
It is WRONG …to take someones deposit while knowing all along that the property is not going to be built.
It is WRONG…. to keep stringing people along month afterr month , year after year saying, Manana your property will be ready.
It is WRONG…to look people in the eye and continue to lie to them.
When we enter into a contract to buy a property from someone we do not think to ourselves “Oh I hope he is honest and knows right from wrong”…No we expect them to be honest and thrustworthy and know right from wrong. It is not a perfect world I agree and there will always be unthrustworthy people out there but in the case of Spain it appears that all of us on this forum have encountered people who obviousley do not know right from wrong and I believe they are all motivated by greed. They could build/sell the properties the legal way , it may not be as fast in moving but they would do everything the legal way and we would all be happy but no! they want a quick buck and don’t care who gets hurt in the process.