Reply To: Britain is on the verge of a recession


while none of us are happy with the current situation, i think blaming the current UK government for everything bad is missing the point. Does anybody really think things would have been much different with the opposition? Apart from the tories making a few gestures to look after their traditional wealthy voters, and then a few gestures to make it look like they are not just the party for the rich/middle class, what would be the difference. Policy, what policy??

If people stand up for their rights, as i had to once when a union member, and don’t give in when those on the right wing think they should, they are told they are being ‘lefty’ or ‘bringing down the government’. While nobody in their right mind wants to see total anarchy, or left wing domination, if you set a limit on the strength or size of protest, it becomes a worthless exercise, as the opposition will just let it run to it’s limit, then get their own way!

Now people are are saying ‘why do we accept everything that’s thrown at us’, or ‘why don’t we protest’!! …….. You can’t have it both ways, and it often depends on which side of the fence you sit, as to how you view those standing up for their rights. I wish people would remember that when someone elses protest or lack of protest doesn’t suit them?

There is no easy answer, but united we stand, divided we fall is probably the only way to force change, but then that’s far to ‘lefty’ for many??