Reply To: Marbella & P. Banus looking a bit jaded


Oh dear, more sour grapes about Marbella; well, went out last night – dinner on Golden mile (packed with chic people from around the world), drinks after on beach in front of five star hotel (chill type place) also packed –

yes, some parts are slightly down at heel but moving forward rapidly under the new mayor. Many of you outsiders just don’t like the fact that there is lots of money here, more flash cars than palm trees etc –

re: the port – well, Tom Ford (no relation to Ford cars) is the next to open putting front line Banus ahead of anywhere else in the world i know in terms of top labels on one street –
the back street has loads of ladies and boys of the night – only catering to the insatiable demand from the thousands of Northern European male golfers that roll in every week to Marbella. The town hall will soon be moving them back to their “houses and clubs” together with the immigrants peddling but they(authorities) can’t appear too right wing like the GIl regime when he had them all arrested and whipped black and blue.

Further to my recent posting re sales of houses +€5,000,000 well, i was told last night four houses sold last week on Los Arqueros golf course – so whilst we are also suffering from a major downturn Marbella still continues to attract the punters with big wallets!!!