Reply To: 3 bedrooms or more house, commutable to Alicante airport


Well, I am sorry to place a link from another web but I do have to show who is not telling the truth here.

El Anciano, Bart sent you a special offer for a property in this development: You received an offer for two specific properties for a price well bellow the developers asking price… So “I just cannot be bothered to deal with anyone who cannot tell me what is for sale” is not the truth.

Enough and good information here? pics? Location? Google map location is not enough for you? It fits what you were looking for “I am looking for a house that is commutable from Alicante airport (45mins drive max). We will consider most things, but it must be realistically priced, have a minimum of 3 bedrooms, and some outside space” ??? It does fit, doesn´t it??

Charlie, I was just being ironic. If you check the link you´ll see the info it´s not a load of MK junk. It´s the info I would like to see if I were to buy a property in Spain. I do work in the real estate industry but I am not an agent. I just wanted to help a friend and someone who´s looking for a property.

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