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charlie wrote:
135yearswaiting wrote:
….does anyone know if the infamous Sr Gil of Malaga ever served time in prison.? I remember he was in hot water with the Franco government because some flats he had built collapsed due to bad construction, and if i remember correctly lives were lost ; but do not think he spent ant time in jail.

Apparently Gil was sent to prison a couple of times, and was involved in more than 80 court cases.
I think the incident you refer to may be this one:

In 1969, aged 36 he built a complex in ‘Los Angeles’ in San Rafael (Segovia), which was to land him in jail for the first time.
Before the cement had time to set 700 people were eating in the restaurant attached to the complex. The roof fell in and 58 people died with many more seriously injured.
Gil had been dining in the restaurant at the time and had left for a few minutes to show a plot to a potential buyer. He was fined 400,000 pesetas and jailed for 18 months when Franco pardoned him.

Famous Gil quote regarding politicians:
“Politics is a shelter for incompetents. I wouldn’t have them as bellboys in my company.”

Some more (brief) info on Jesus Gil’s life in case of interest:

He certainly was a character,thanks for the update Charlie all very interesting. I remember when he was Chairman of Atletico Madrid in one season they had 4 or 5 managers,he was quoted at the time as saying, “I change managers as often as others change the brand of beer they drink”

When one considers he faced over 80 court cases, indirectly was responsible for the death of 58 people and hardly served anytime in prison, to me at least it explains a lot about the Spanish character. If one has the right “enchufes” for non Spanish speakers I will explain this is a term used for people with good “connections” in the system and the seats of power, then court cases have a teflon finish.. One leading developer was said to have more “connections” than Iberdrola the electricity company.