Reply To: Yepeeeee. Las Vistas

charlie wrote:
Laggen, the same thought occured to us when celebrating. Also when we totted up the money we had lost in other areas because of having had our money tied up for so long, we realised that there wasn’t so much to celebrate.
Still, grateful for small mercies and all that.
Concerning other developments – with some judges now ruling that people have to complete despite no LFO and/or a current valid building licence, I fear there won’t be as many celebrating in the future as there should be.

On what law(s) are the judges basing their rulings.? Surely selling a property without permission, a licence or whatever is like selling a car without an engine or a gear box. I know the law is an ass , but if the judges can prove that their decisions are based on law rather than let us say a sweetener from unspecified sources then the law is truly an ass.


Thanks Paul for the info.
Is that Los Lagos, bottom right corner of pic.?