Reply To: The Times – US house prices crash 23% in just 3 months



Kingy said:

the idiot developers/agents have left us with 2 million surplus homes.


You can thank the unregulated property professionals for all of this. But don’t worry, their reward is the near-destruction of the spanish property market for the next decade or two. Their jobs will soon be gone.

Its clear you blame the developers/agents – but they are not the ones who allocated the land for development, set the density levels, stamped the planning permissions to construct grand scale ‘urbanisations’, costal development etc.

Yes, there are many illegal builds and some developers/agents are to blame but the real crime lies with the Spanish Government and local representatives and regulators who grant planning permission.

I often find its all too easy to just blame the developers/agents yet again.
Whilst some are corrupt – many are not – yet the trend on this board seems to be to tar them all with the one brush.

Lets try and use our thinking caps in future before starting the witch-hunt!