Reply To: West Costa del Sol: Best areas to buy property


“….how that area will develop in the future”?

Callal – going by recent events, I would say….. s l o w l y.
Goodness knows how many illegal builds there are in Estepona, now at risk of having the licences pulled by the Junta – all a result of the corruption just recently exposed.
Buyers in Estepona beware.

@rob-fuengirola wrote:

A few weeks back, Mark started a thread which was to be repeated for other areas as to “where is the best place to live in the CDS”. There were two positive contributors – Inez and myself. Not one other member of this forum had anything positive to give to help potential buyers on this coast. The thread seems to now be removed because of the negative brain power of so many members of this forum!

The only negative brain power seems to be you this time Rob for not being able to find the thread. 🙄
It seems you and Inez were not the only positive contributors after all.