Reply To: Time for a "time out."……….


OK, this may be my last posting, may be just as well, if the site owner condones a contributor likening another to a mass murderer.

Perhaps in return, you will allow me to deal in public my views.

“I think your reaction to be likened to Mugabe by someone you don’t know in an anonymous forum has been hysterical. “
Good for you, perhaps you would feel differently if your direct family members had been masacred. Just hope you never have to experience it, for your sake.

“Keep this up, and you will find you can no longer access the forum. Don’t like what I say? “
Your choice to wield power or not.

It would in no way affect my personal or business life, perhaps everyone’s fried Mr Mugabe would like to post here instead.

“But what I refuse to do is start moderating this forum like some sort of Victorian governess. “
That is obvious, by allowing the mass murderer comparison.

The PMs I have received in support have all said it would end up this way, not being one of the chosen few.

If it is decided to allow this posting to be shown.
Good luck with your forum, your media articles, whaterve, and so sorry to waste your valuable time.
I did mention to you in my PM, that defending myself against comparables to a mass murderer, I am proud to say, is not considered a waste of my time, or money.