Reply To: Time for a "time out."……….



As you have spent the afternoon making such a fuss about this, wasting my time, and using every opportunity to take a dig at me, I’ll deal with this in public.

I think your reaction to be likened to Mugabe by someone you don’t know in an anonymous forum has been hysterical. Responding with insults placed you on a level where you chose to be.

If you had kept your ‘counterattack’ to the appropriate section (Step Outside), I wouldn’t have minded, as I don’t even bother looking in there. As it is, you decided to sabotage a perfectly good thread, waste my time, and most unforgiveable of all, be boring.

Keep this up, and you will find you can no longer access the forum. Don’t like what I say? You know where the door is.


This forum just reflects society. Forums bring out the best and worst in people. Don’t let it get you down.

But what I refuse to do is start moderating this forum like some sort of Victorian governess.