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what has happened to the Uk and the other richer european union countries, what tends to happen is mass migration from the poorer and younger member states and unfortunately the host countries just can’t cope with the influx, thus creating pockets of tension and poorer facilities for all, the Uk cannot cope with this free for all that has been created by borderless countries.

You are so right, but the problem is that the Social Security system in the UK has for so long been a “free for all for scroungers” paid for by the workers. It is no wonder that the likes of the Rumanian’s rub their hands with glee when they have the chance to claim benefits in the UK. Further, the UK workers have become so greedy wage wise that the minimum wage is above sustainable levels for many employers. The like of the Poles come along and accept that wage but give 150% effort and productivity of their UK counterparts. Result, the employer has a preference to Polish Workers when next recruiting, the Brits then claim that the Poles are taking their work?