Reply To: Healthcare E111



The two hundred odd euros a month is what you pay as a self-employed person to cover social security payments etc. You can become “self-employed” and pay this monthly amount to gain state health care for yourself and your family as your beneficiaries (you ask the soc sec to add them to your soc sec number, you need apostolised marriage/birth/ etc certificates and your NIE for this)

Or, if you have no income, you can apply for a health card “sin recursos”. This entitles you to care but limits what care you can receive, for example you can see the equivalent to your GP but would not be able to see a specialist. You would also have to pay a different percentage amount for prescriptions.

Legally, all foreigners that are registered with their ayuntamiento are entitled to healthcare but trying to get this “sin recursos” does entail a bit of a fight!