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I think we are misunderstanding each other maybe recipricol was the wrong word to use, when you leave the Uk providing you have paid sufficient National Insurance contributions you fill out a form from DWP and this entitles you to healthcare for upto 2 years in the EU country you decide to live in, as I understand it

Not sure – this 2 years that you mention is presumably something new. I have been in Spain for 15 years and it did not exist when I left the UK.

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I was simply asking the question as to how people that I know were able to register with a doctor using this card.

Quite simply, they cannot or at least should not be able to, unless of pensionable age.

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I have been advised that you are unable to make voluntary payments of 249 euros per month because this not only covers your healthcare but also contributes to your spanish pension as well.

As I said in my earlier post, I stand to be corrected. However as a Spanish Resident, it actually makes sense to take their pension as you will not get from the UK (at least to any extent). Maybe the self employed route (with little or no income) is the best route.

The health card “sin recursos” mentioned by heatherpsk should be unobtainable by most expats that are not pensionable – after all, how can you feed yourself with NO income whatsoever. And the Hacienda will not accept that a Brit living in Spain is doing so with no income (correctly). There must be income, even if it is interest on bank deposits!