Reply To: Amazing – 5 star resort for fruit pickers.


“The government has already signalled it’s intention to provide social housing from the unsold properties either half built or built in the south. These properties were intended for sale to foreigners at inflated prices until the boom went bust. Now can you imagine a cash strapped developer with the bank on their backs turning away good government money to sell off unsold blocks, albeit for a loss to get out of trouble? The idea that they would consider the poor hapless off plan buyer is just a fantasy. It’s just tough. So it’s either live among the socially deprived and do good works or lock up and leave.
This is one risk this particular writer will not take. One more among the many.”

Hi Logan,

I think it is very unfortunate that these things happened. Murcia seemed like a nice area in December, but it was obvious that La Torre resort was too empty for the Christmas week. Hope you will do OK.