Reply To: Amazing – 5 star resort for fruit pickers.


@ralita wrote:

I am not sure what your beef is with this

My only beef is that you seem to scour other forums on a regular basis to pick up on articles referred to by others there and then take those that are negative and repost them on this forum, often out of context and with your understanding of what that article means often being (to say the least) cloudy!

You have (by your own admission) no interest in the Spanish Property market, so why constantly talk it down using second hand, often misunderstood and outdated material.

@ralita wrote:

I would be very happy if UK property goes down by 50%. But you know well that this is very unlikely.

Just wait and see – I think you will find that some areas of Tyneside are already suffering 25-30% falls and the UK is only just starting to see the crunch bite. Things will only get worse.