Reply To: Rip off Britain



Definetly agree this is something that needs writing about Mark..along with the Spanish obsession with stamped documents! Living here is not just about buying a property!

Meghan was born here on the 23d Dec last year, and as with El anciano, we were told by the national police that she was NOT entitled to Spanish passport etc…How on earth did you get one Rob!!

From my research, she is entitled to a UK passport (at a ridiculous cost) but any children she has will not as she is British by descent. The UKBA website has actually got quite a long section on who can apply for a UK passport, and it states “British by descent: British citizenship gained through your parents. This type of citizenship cannot normally be passed on to your own children” so it looks like you would be wasting your money Mark.


I had posted previously about changing nationality, but, surprise surprise, the UK government CHARGE you for this..a whooping 500 quid!!

If you can claim Spanish or Swiss nationality, why bother?
Unless you think Spain and the UK are about to have a major falling out!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood..and all the joys it entails!

Heather, with a sleeping child in her arms…