Reply To: Spanish RIP-OFF Costas Del GOLF

bettyboo wrote:
yes! I must say I have to agree with Kathy on the mentality of the Spanish. When things are going bad they do seem to put prices sky high, instead of making them more attractive to customers they put the prices up.
Last year ..and for the last couple of years we were staying in the same hotel in Spain, same time of year, same dates etc….this morning I just went on to check out prices and they seem to have almost doubled, I can tell you one thing….I will not be staying there this year!

I am not sure if the Spanish mentality is correct or not but they do seem to be inflexible when negotiating for increased business.

A simple example. I was asked to arrange a dinner for the members of a club, went to a restaurante I knew which did a “menu del dia” for let us say 7e, wine , bread inc. Coffee extra. Told the owner we would be about 50 people , his price for what was basically the” menu del dia” was 15e, wine extra. I explained that almost 50 new people would be coming to his restaurante who had n´t eaten there before , if they enjoyed the meal they would almost certainly come back and probably with friends. I might as well as talked to one of the seagulls on the beach, I would probably have obtained more sense. I told him politely where to stick his restaurante and that I would not be returning. No reaction, no negotiation ,just a blank expression. I had asked him ,why the big difference , his answer was that he would have to emply more staff, which was a lie.

I gave up.

Many occasions I have known Spaniards to have a house on the market for a year or two, after that time, they put the price up 10%.

I am afraid, they still have a lot to learn about good service, years ago when it was cheap to live or holiday in Spain,holiday makers and foreign residents were attracted by the laid back attitude now Spain is expensive, it is n´t just the low level of the pound, Germans, French all say Spain is now expensive. Its fine that Spain has caught up , but they must learn high prices means good service. Generally it is very poor,the take it or leave it attitude is still to the fore.