@Peter Good wrote:

The Euro is not a currency that any country can dip in and out of.

I hope the British government is aware of that

@Peter Good wrote:

It is also virtually impossible to extracate Spain from the Euro, as if Spain suffers the economic collapse as expected, it will need the “German Powerhouse” to contribute more and Spain will be a recipient again of EuroAid.

Do the Germans know this? It’s very generous of them but did they know that they would be carrying the weaker countries? I think they expected economies to converge, not just currencies.

@Peter Good wrote:

I do believe the Euro will see a drop in value at the end of the summer. But in no way could Spain consider walking away. If it did, it would almost become a 3rd world nation again.

Does it deserve to be considered a third world country given the way it conducts its business?