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And congratulations to you Rob. 10 kids.

No problem, just like Christaning cake! Oh, dont forget 2 Golden Retrievers to boot!!

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The birth of our son was covered by our private medical insurance, which costs around 150 Euros a month for two. We were in a state of the art hospital, and the care was exceptional. I don’t think private medical insurance in the UK covers births, so you have to pay extra if you want to go private in the UK.

To be honest, and maybe that does not apply in your area Mark, on the CDS I would advise against private health insurance – it really is a waste of time and money! The biggest provider here, Sanitas, is a part of BUPA but the moment the going gets tough, the private insuranve provides cover for a transfer from the private hospital by private ambulance to the CDS Hospital!

I was outside the CDS A&E department for an hour on Easter Sunday whilst my sister-in-law underwent tests for a kidney infection. In that hour, 18 ambulances arrived with patients. 6 were Social Security ambulances, 3 were private ambulances providing just ambulance services and 9 were private ambulances from private hospitals transferring patients into “NHS” care. That suggests something to me.

I know of 4 other mothers who have given birth in the private sector in the past 6 months that wished they had used the facilities of the CDS Hospital. As I said, CDS may be different, but Private Hospital here are overshaddowed by the CDS