Reply To: Property crash continues – UK mortgage approvals lowest ever



Angela – chill, please.

Now who’s boasting about anything? Certainly not me.

I’ve not enjoyed a rental increase in 3 yrs – yields have been low. Very low.

I’ve simply stated that the current credit crunch has a silver lining for some landlords. All is not doom and gloom in the marketplace… as many people would hope for / have you believe.

The present problem with the market is the lack of funding / finance not a lack of demand for property (from buyers or renters). For those not intending on selling (like me, and probaby many others) the current climate is positive as opportunities to acquire more stock present themselves. Remember its not all about short term gains!

Making money from property investment requires that you secure high values at times of low yields and in times of low value, high yields.

What you are referring to in Ireland is low value = low yield. This is not an enviable position to be in – but rest asure not everyone finds themself in this postion. But hey – that type of story will not help sell newspapers / promote tv programmes.

So, there’s positives in every marketplace… you just gotta know how and where to find them!