Reply To: PIGS


I know the push for flipping went on, our agent also tried with us but that wasn’t our interest in buying in Spain. We purely wanted one home and stuck to that.

I get a little ‘disconcerted’ (polite-speak for fed up) when nearly every post that talks about buyers being foolish always ends up by mentioning “the buyers who wanted to make a quick buck” and investment flipping. That scenario is just not relevant to the massive majority on this forum who just want their monies returned on a single purchase on an illegal build, or one that is not as per contract. Not too much to ask.

But there again even an ‘investor’ has a right to expect a legal build for his money. Yet the developers seem to use this argument a lot in court as a reason why not to return monies…..”they’re only investors”. The fact there is no legal building licence or they haven’t built to original spec. as per contract seems to be irrelevant. Even to the judges in many cases.