Reply To: Planning permission and building control! :/



Hi Nick,

The type of license, minor major works is ambiguous.

If you are restoring a ruin in my province, it is only possible to restore the part of the building that is still roofed. Let´s say a 300m2 ruin that has half the roof collapsed means i can only restore the 150m2 that is still roofed. Crazy I know but very closely observed by the town hall.

I cannot knock down a ruin and build a new property under any circumstances, Only restore what is there. Neither can I add over what is the original footprint of the exhisting property.

You will need a restoration/reformacion permit equvellent to major works licence to reform a property as described above. Country properties are the toughest, though village houses are easier as they are in fully urbanised areas. Country properties on the whole are not generally urbanised and so are more contencious issues. The government are trying to protect the countryside from overbuilding and it is through heavy regulations that even restorations of exhising properties are being squeezed.

Before commiting yourself, you need to visit the local town hall with your lawyer and architect and get some assurances that your ideas can be accepted.

Don´t offer any deposits not 1 cent to any agent or private vendor before you have some town hall assurances. The market is dead everywhere so there is no need to feel you are hurried into commiting to a purchase.

On a lighter note, I feel for your position living with an Alonso fan in Oviedo, especially after Monaco. 😳