Reply To: An unexpected upturn in Sales! – Possibly!!!



Good post Iano. Peter does come across as a nice guy, one sort of wishes him well. From my cynical view this is about the third time this year he has posted that the market is recovering/busy etc. I think I also queried a post he made about selling a house with a 50% reduction.

Are we now at the stage where we cannot challenge these agents who post 😯 Maybe the response was a bit rude but sometimes when you tap the keyboard it is easy to say what you are thinking. Many times I have read a post on here and thought “what bullshit” although usually I haven’t posted it.

I realise people have kids to feed and mortgages to pay, probably the people at VIVA and Awful Estates who lost their jobs did too. Does that mean there is some code that these people are untouchable 🙄