Reply To: An unexpected upturn in Sales! – Possibly!!!


@iano wrote:

Hey Charlie…….

An EA that talks about property, to the exclusion of everything else, would be a very poor one.

I didn’t say that.
What I did say is “I don’t expect the subject of school half-term was very high on their list of conversation priorities” with regards to clients in the 50’s and 60’s.

For your benefit I’ll qualify my reason for that statement. About 20 years ago, I once spent a year as a member of a sales team for a new Marina development. I often spent several hours with just one client, and yes we would talk about reasons they were looking to buy, why that particular area/development was of interest etc, but would also chat about about their work, family etc.
In that year, I sold several million pounds worth of properties in what was a difficult time that preceded the UK property recession so I gather I wasn’t too ‘poor’ at my job.
And yet not once did we ever touch on the subject of school half-terms/bank holidays etc. which is my point. So “Hey Iano”…..I hope you understand my point now.

Do you really think this was a valid reason to join in on the current Peter-bashing/mocking or are we now to expect all members’ postings to be subjected to cynical questioning (logan: “misleading”) and feeble attempts at ridicule as in your case….. ad nauseam….. as shown in this and other threads in the past week or so?

If/whenever Peter is fortunate to conclude a sale, any admission of this will no doubt be responded to with contempt and suspicion. What a sad state of affairs for this forum.