Reply To: An unexpected upturn in Sales! – Possibly!!!



I have to be honest and admit to having a slight reservation before I sent in the origional post as it could have been interpreted as an agent boasting. I didn´t expect it to be contrued as “talking the market up” – that would need to be accross the media as a whole to have any influence.

But, the majority of well informed and valued posters here have, I think, taken it for what it is, just a piece of data for analysis. I haven´t made it up, I know I am an agent but I would have to be a little sad to do that,

Anyhow, not to be distracted too much, the trend is still much the same. I´m sure it is not largly due to the bank holiday. I have found in the last couple of days since the first post that most people are angry with the UK economy, weather and all the usual things that make people leave the UK historically.

Another interesting thing is, hardly any of the clients seem aware of forums like this. Members here are a very well informed bunch, keeping a daily watch on all things Spanish, such as legal cases, property prices, new laws etc. We are exceptional in that case, as the vast, vast majority I have spoken to are just totally uaware of recent cases of demolition and the Malaya case to name just a few.

Most are aware of the exchange rate, and prices are (supposedly dropping) but that´s about all. We here have (for good reason) a despondent view of Spain and Spanish property, I have to the point I question if I should continue, but generally, the clients have a more upbeat mood, mainly because they are about to fulfill an ambition to move to a better climate and live a new life. Clients enthusiasm can almost be uplifting to someone like me who is cautious and downbeat at present.

I have quite enjoyed the last week, being in the company of enthusiastic buyers, and next week I shall be with a few more, it may just lift my attidude to a more healthy level, if only for a short period. I know I needed to be jolted with some enthusiasm for what I do.

I may only get the chance to look in later in the evenings next week but shall genuinely only post any truthful observations. I don´t honestly expect this period to last too long but as I said above, it is quite uplifting and my wife and dogs are more grateful for that than anyone 😕