Reply To: Asturias / Galicia. barn, house or just land?



Do you like being wet….? In the last few weeks we have had rain almost every day (I can only think of one without..) and thunderstorms most afternoons…

On a serious note, I can see problems with living in tent or yurt.
One thing you really need to understand about the Spanish (or maybe Asturian) mentality is that if you life in a yurt or a tent or camper van they will decide this is because you cannot afford to live anywhere else, the same as if you wear scruffy clothes its because you can´t afford new ones… You may not care about this BUT it will make it a lot harder to be accepted into the village or area you buy in. You are also likely to be considered a “gitano” – a gyspy…a group of people that are deeply disliked and distrusted here..the majority of people here are extremely anti gitanos, who take the blame for a lot.

Planning…there are several threads on here now re planning specifications here, mainly started by myself or Mortimm, have a search for them but it would be far easier and far cheaper to renovate a house than a barn..EVERYTHING here, from a new roof to painting the inside of the house is supposed to have a license, 4% paid to the local ayuntamiento. If major works are required and change of use is one of these, its more costly and time consuming..

Don´t get me wrong, Asturias is great, the people are lovely and I would not want to be anywhere else..but it is not the most forward thinking area of Spain, there is a certain way things have to be done and it is impossible to change that.

I agree with Shakeel (gosh twice in as many posting, what is happening!), you can´t afford to wear rose coloured glasses…its a big move so its a great idea of yours to travel around and spend time getting to know the areas. If you want any ideas about good places to look in Asturias, yell!

Good luck,


By the way, whats your Spanish like…although there are more and more English speakers looking to buy here every week, life is much easier with a decent amount of Spanish..or even Asturiano…