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Just read Claires post and yes I can put you in contact with someone that could give you the run down.
The lady getiing her deposit back ,perhaps as Claire has mentioned could be one reason for her ill health ( it damned wont have helped)
To be Frank 8) đŸ˜† this whole situation could get very messy but there again the possible buying opportunity wouldnt perhaps be there if the problems were or will someday be sorted.
Right . The L.F.O . the owners could have to pay,I doupt it and feel that they will a have to grant an pardon ,but again this is my opinion only.
So negotiate the price that allows you to pay for the legals should you be called upon to do so.
Its one of those cases that damned if you do and damned if you dont and many will have different views.
I take gambles where some on the forum would say is plain stupid because rental yeild y does not equate to z but feel that neither is right or wrong as the most successful businessmen have to take punt at times out of pure gut feeling
No one can tell you to buy or not to buy if you think about it and you would be perhaps silly to base you decision on forum advice
Use it as part of the due deligence and you will only buy if YOU feel its right

Just Frank 8)