Reply To: Los Lagos de Santa Maria Golf



I think that Paul800 thats used to post on the forums may be of help.
With respect Fuengi but if you like this area and this development you could carry out due diligence and if the price is right this could be a very good buying opportunity.
When the licences get issued it may be a very different story.
At the end of the day this development will get sorted despite all the press as its just one of hundreds of developments with problems ,its just fact that this one is in a fantastic location.( thats why it gets the press it does)
Would I go for it ? Yep think I would for the reasons I have given as I truly believe that this area along to El Rosario will one day soon be the area to be
Why do I think that ? Because the area is full of agents and in general people that perhaps know the area to be in and ticks all the boxes.
Now before I have the wrath put on me for trying to up sell an area where I have property interest I had better shut the gob.
At the end of the day this is an open forum and this is MY genuine opinion.

Just Frank 8)