Reply To: An unexpected upturn in Sales! – Possibly!!!


@Peter Good wrote:

What I am doing is registering a blip/upturn, and asking if any other agent in any area is experiencing. Also if anyone here has decided to buy, why?

I think most of us understood exactly what you are doing, Peter. It’s an interesting post, totally pertinent as a comment on what is currently happening in the market as far as your experience is concerned, and certainly you have no need to justify.
I must say I was surprised at the aggressive response.

@Peter Good wrote:

I really feel guilty and ashamed that I bothered.

Don’t let those who just go on the attack for the sake of it touch you in anyway. There are people who really have nothing better to do with their time. Any follow up to your post should be of interest to anyone following what’s happening in the marketplace.
In my view – along with Jiminspain, Inez and Fuengi, you’re one of the ‘good eggs’, so keep posting.