Reply To: Los Lagos de Santa Maria Golf



Have to say I agree with Claire and if you have the choice and are asking advice it may be better to consider other developments than G.H and Los Lagos at the moment until matters get sorted.
If Elvira is your chosen location you may find that the habitation licence issue will apply to many many properties.
However at the end of the day its your decision and your advisors to give you advice.
Valuation ? Just how can a valuation be put on properties that are illegal.
Without licence you could say its worthless
With licence market forces will determine prices and this area was and will be sought after as the develolpers didnt have the chance to ruin it
In my opinion possibly the best overall area on the Costa de Sol.

Just Frank 8)

Deperate purchaser of one of the above developments and wish someone would kick some arse to sort this whole sorry mess out for the owners and those that find themselves left well and truly up the creek with no paddle.