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Fuengi, Los Lagos has quite a problem with legalities. My husband & I attended a meeting in London last w/end. Those present were buyers of Green Hills and Los Lagos. All of them have Court cases ongoing to get deposits refunded as neither development has an LFO. Also present was our Lawyer who represents them. (he also represents many other purchasers who were not present on this occasion). His business partner was also present who is a specialist in Urban Development. He gave us all copies of a private report he was asked to write about Los Lagos. The development was granted a licence for detached houses and terraced houses. Instead 340 properties were built in apartment blocks and 6 terraced properties. The breach of planning not only went against the original plans but also exceeded the parameters of maximum build able area and degree of occupation.

If/When it comes to giving the Town Hall compensation for this situation, the owners may be liable for this compensation, whoever they may be..owner/occupier or developer. There is insufficient land to give back to the local council as compensation and so it could/would come down to monetary compensation by the owners in order for the council to buy additional land for public use
The document is several pages long and the above is simple precis.

The advise would be not to buy until things have been resolved at LL.