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Are you really saying that U.k E.As that are linked to rightmove dont know how to value 😥
Shame on you as I started with the biggest firm in a town that I had no knowledge of and they gave me all the training I needed to carry out valuations.
Training started an a Monday and I will have you know lasted 2 whole hours and they gave me a road map.
Sat Nav followed after me first 10 listings 😆
The secrects are simple
1 Dress like a ponce
2 Keep smiling like a chesher cat and dont forget to tell them how lovely the house is even though it a smelly tip( lovely wall paper always works)
3 Carry a clip board then you look impotant 😕
4 Act like a complete ass-ole,and always look at the ceilings (they all do 😆 )
5 No matter what the price always say £ 950.00 at the end of the figure and thats when the clients know what you talking about.£85,950.00
Girls always go for £995 at the end while flashing their t- ts when thewifes not looking ( remember your the man in the house and you make all of the decisions) 😯
6 The man estate agent will already have done a job on yer wife and she is eating out of his hand.
5 Say things like > We have clients linning up to buy properties like this that we pass sole listings to only.
6 We can sell this no problem
9 Why not arrange your next mortgage so once we have sold yer house so that you will be ahead to make an offer when you see what you want) hellooo theres a fee to pay first) 😯
10 Staff meeting on the morning of valuations QUOTE
All 3 bedroom houses in road Xits worth W and if its 4 bed its worth Z
Reality is the one that normally knows the value is the ownerst,excluding the jokers of course.

Just Frank 8)

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