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what a nice , understanding man! it is surprising to find one on here, you have encapsulated our situation ( and many others) it doesn’t make us inferior beings,degenerates,criminals,perverts(well I might admit to that one!) but the way some people talk on here you would think you had committed a crime rather than made a mistake ( that YOU are going to have to pay for anyway!)

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That’s interesting Peter. Why do people want to come back to the UK? 😯 I hope the reasons are good, then maybe I might feel a little better about living here. Very hard at the moment! I’m grateful that we do not have monsoons or earthquakes though…yet.

That´s a very interesting question Claire 😯

Personally I wouldn´t contemplate going back to the UK. Generally speaking I suspect most Brits who made the move never actually settle to life in Spain. If they learned the language it would help, but sadly the majority don`t.

So after a few years of setbacks and the lure of new grandchildren, health worries, decreasing pension incomes or depleted savings and failed businesses, the temptation to return to the UK is greater, as the novelty of Spain and it´s climate wears off. A case of the much hated “been there, done it, got the T shirt!.

I remember during the busy times, we would know which clients would go back and which ones would stay by a simple Freudian phrase – Some would say “we are going back to the UK to visit family” and others would say “we are going back home to visit family” – needless to say you will be able to guess which ones eventually go back!

Who knows what awaits them if they do go back, but at least they will have their family around them and will soon get caught up in the daily routine to forget about their experiences in Spain.