Reply To: Asturias


Hi Allan,

I bought a house in Asturias coming up for 2 years ago, it is in Bimenes.
Since I bought it I have been modernising it (new bathroom, kitchen, tiles etc), using a local builder who has been fine.

I found a local plumber and electrician in the village, again both have been very reliable and reasonable. Note however that I have not done any major renovation or building work, if so maybe my experience would have been different.

The initial purchase went through very easily, I almost thought I must have made a mistake somewhere because it seemed so easy and uncomplicated compared to horror stories I have heard from people buying in the UK (this was the first time I had bought a property). But so far so good. I used a surveyor based in Asturias called Clive Robbins, and he helped guide me through the purchase process which was really useful.

Overall my experience so far has been very positive. I have fantastic neighbours who look after my house when I am not there, and have been really supportive and become good friends.

The house has been finished about 6 months, I am moving to Asturias full time from next month with my partner, and am really looking forward to settling in full time.

If you need any contacts or more info, please feel free to send me a PM.

All the best,