Reply To: Price falls, when, where??


Peter Good wrote:
I can see where you are coming from ralita. But in my own experience I have never suffered any feelings of discrimination etc.
On a few visits to the UK recently I have seen some terrible behavour in public places and it´s probably the No1 reason for me never considering living back there.

I guess it also depends where you live in Spain and where you visit in UK.

I have seen lots of terrible behaviour in public places in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or
Sevilla, same as in London, Manchester, New York, Bucharest, Berlin or Rome.

Sciencewise and salarywise UK was and is my No1 place in Europe. Lifestylestyle-wise,
I would move to Spain or Italy tommorow if not for the 30 years I still have till pension.
Spain or Italy are countries one can fall in love with, UK is a country where work is better rewarded.