Reply To: Price falls, when, where??



Well, I have seen some very badly behaved spanish brats who should be chastised instead of left to run riot.

Leaving Spain? all the reasons Peter says. Others disillusioned as to how the place has changed. I don’t think not speaking the language has any bearing, it does enhance your life here but you don’t need to speak it. More than one of my friends has returned during the last two years after having spent more than ten years here. None of them for financial reasons.

Someone who my Husband knows has just been telling him that he decided to reduce the price of his apartment for sale. He bought it for just 38,000GBP in the 90’s, official valuation now 225,000 euro. Been on the market for ages and he visits less and less. He thought ‘what the hell’ I will just take a low offer. He advertised at 185,000 and said he would consider ALL offers. Response…5 calls, 3 from Agents and 2 from other property ad places asking him to place an advert!