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@ralita wrote:

The attitude towards foreigners is also much better in UK than Italy, Spain and France.

I can see where you are coming from ralita. But in my own experience I have never suffered any feelings of discrimination etc.

On Saturday night we went to a Spanish friends daughters confirmation, and then on to a restaurant paid for by the family. There were over 50 guests and it felt like the occasion was for us. Everone was incredibly friendly and made huge effort to introduce themselves throughout the evening. The converstions were terific and compared to a table full of roudy brits opposite, I know I was with the better company.

I never once heard any of the adults chastise the many children there, nor did the children do anything to require chastising.

On a few visits to the UK recently I have seen some terrible behavour in public places and it´s probably the No1 reason for me never considering living back there.