Reply To: Where did a lot of money disappear to?



This is no wind-up Charlie. 😯

Basically what happened was some really nice people decided to help tourists follow their dream and buy a lovely home in Spain. They got paid lots of money as deposits. However, one of them was a tiny bit naughty and said to the others ‘Listen, I’ve got a really good idea – if we put all this money in a suitcase we could charter a little aeroplane and take it all to South America and never have to work again’. Now, as we all know, you don’t find Lions in Brazil unless you visit the local zoo – and, yes, you’ve guessed it – the plane run out of fuel and crashed in into the Lion reserve. The big mystery is – What happened to the passengers. Some think the Lions eat them, others that the Wari people eat them.

I think they just walked down to the local bank and opened an account – but I’ve always been an old synic!